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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Since this week is my husband’s birthday, this seemed rather fitting to write about him. We keep saying it’s going to be his best year yet. Mainly because it’s going to be his 33rd year and that was his football number as well as his favorite number.

A letter to the other team captain of our family, otherwise known as, my husband,

You have been nothing short of the best partner as our son’s father. Since the day we knew we were expecting this little man of ours, you have been on your absolute best A game.

You were a part of my pregnancy at each moment you could be by joining me at almost every single appointment while I panicked at most of them. You handled the days and nights of my mood swings, that were rather hilarious, now looking back but you managed to keep a straight face through the funniest moments.

Each craving I had you were right there enjoying it with me to ensure I didn’t gain that weight alone. 😉

The day we were scheduled to be induced, I never saw a man more excited to hear the phone ring knowing it was our time to head to the hospital so he could meet his son. Even during the 30+ hours of my labor and delivery, you kept me laughing and supported me every single step of the way. I never witnessed a prouder moment than the one where you held our son for the first time.

In the first few, toughest, weeks as new parents, you rocked it. Even when you went back to work, you didn’t miss a beat when I needed a hand in the middle of the night. You sat next to me when we had to drive him in the middle of the night and get a car wash just to be sure he was asleep at 2 am.

As the weeks moved forward, you kept me grounded, as you always have. You supported me while I started a new job and began working as a new mom. You didn’t miss a moment to snuggle your son when we would have to pass in the morning and evenings while we worked opposite shifts.

And now, while you’re doing “daddy daycare,” you are a ROCKSTAR. There wasn’t a moment before having our son that you didn’t help me in our home, but even now, you make it all look so easy. I know first hand it’s not.


Your favorite pain in the ass

This isn’t done, keep reading below…

The point of this letter is, it takes a team. Sure, I took the opportunity to brag about the amazing husband I was blessed with and am fortunate to have met all that time ago now.

(gag and roll your eyes all you want)

I have had conversations before about women who are expected to do it all alone and who have done it all alone. I’ve also had conversations about how they are surprised he helps as much as he does or how people are surprised that a dad is watching a child, that is their own. Others I’ve spoken to have had similar conversations about the surprise of their husband helping.

Why would anyone be surprised that the FATHER OF THE CHILD is taking care of his own children? It took two to make them, it sure as hell will take two to raise them, or the army you have supporting you.

If I didn’t have my husband’s help and support, it would be even harder than it is. It truly takes a team, an army, a village, whatever you’d like to call it. More on my village another day. I hope you have that support or have asked for support if it’s around you. There is no need to drain every ounce of your energy alone without being able to fill your own cup again.

Teamwork makes the dream work.
That dream of being the best parent to your little ones that you can be.

Happy Birthday, honey! This little team you’ve help create loves you so much!

All 5 of us in one photo. SUPER rare sighting!


I'm a new mama to a beautiful baby boy and am married to my wonderful husband. We're on this crazy journey together and learning how much our little man can teach us along the way.

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