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Favorite Things – 6-9 Months old

A new Favorite Things list is here! This one was a little tougher for me to pin point since our little guy is a moving machine now. He loves to army crawl around and pull himself up onto all kinds of things to get a better view and test out those wobbly legs of his. It is amazing to me how much they grow and learn in such a short amount of time!

Below is our list of items from 6-9 months we have began using and enjoy a ton each day!

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1 – Dollar Tree balloon, no joke – I stopped at the Dollar Tree after I went to a baby shower recently and grabbed him a balloon. It was a simple thought and a small gesture for being an amazing little man while we were there. He loves to pull on the ribbon holding it and play with it. It has been weeks we have had it and it’s a never ending $1 purchase.

2 – LeapFrog My Pal Scout – One of his aunties bought him this shortly after he was born and we have enjoyed the songs he sings with his named programmed in it. The light draws his attention as well. Recently, the favorite part about Scout is to listen to him sing lullaby songs while he goes to sleep. We turn him on as he lays in his crib, along with the white noise machine, because Scout only plays for 5 minutes. It is long enough to calm him typically, and relax him as he falls to sleep.

3 – Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls – We just began using these recently with dinner since he is trying new foods and eating with us at dinner time. While he does very well grabbing and feeding himself, we are working on him having his own bowl. He already knows if we are eating he gets to join us and try what we are having. Using the bowls I hope he learns that his own bowl and mommy’s plate is hers. We will see though! It’s worth a shot but I know not likely! 🙂

4 – The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys, Finding Nemo – These are his favorite bath toys right now. Mainly because they have areas to chew on. Yes, I am aware of possible mold growing so we will keep an eye on that. They are not expensive enough that I can’t toss these ones and buy a new set. He loves to splash like crazy and toss them around. He is a water baby for sure that stays in so long he’s a little prune. I hope that doesn’t change as summer is on it’s way!

5 – Avent Bottle warmer – How have I not shared this yet? It took a friend of ours to notice it and say how they will need one soon when they move to bottles for me to realize how clutch this is for us still! (Is clutch still a “cool” term?) We have this in it’s own place on the counter and is used daily for us. It has the option to thaw frozen items such as breastmilk I used to freeze, a warming temp to keep items at the right temp for baby to eat and then a quick heat. I use that when I obviously forget to warm it quick but do not leave it on that setting too long.

6 – Banana Teething Toothbrush – He has been using this for a while now that he’s been teething. Though we still have no teeth popping in, it’s great for his little hands to grab and all corners and ends are good to chew on for him. The concept of brushing is there though he doesn’t realize it just yet!

7 – A real toothbrush – When I had my recent dentist appointment I got to chatting with the hygienist and she kindly handed me an infant toothbrush. Specifically the Oral-B Pro-Health Stage 1 Baby Soft Toothbrush with Winnie the Pooh on it. She made the suggestion to allow him to begin using it as a routine to become used to it, just like the above teething toy. These bristles are very soft but much different than rubber. He will not allow us to move it around in his mouth but he will hold it and chew it himself. We try to remember to allow him to chew on it after his last bottle in hopes that it may become a routine when those tiny teeth do decide to break through.

8 – Mirrors – We have them in our cars on the headrest for us to be able to see him of course. We also got him the mirror at Christmas time to play with. I joke and sing the song “you’re so vain” when he oodles over himself in the mirror but it is adorable. Especially before a bath, we have the mirror as well as our shower doors are mirrored so he loves to stare and smile at himself. Babies realize just how cute they are of course!

 9 – Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table – This was a Christmas gift to him from one of his aunties. He loved it when we could only keep it on the floor yet loves it even more now that he can use it as his own table to pull himself up to. There is plenty to do on it to keep him busy and even can be switched to other languages. Though I think that would confuse us all!

Our previous lists still have items we use that I could have easily added to this again but I always hope to give you new items we have discovered or began using.

Maybe your little one or other’s little ones around you would like some of the items listed above. They would make good “thinking of you” gifts to them!


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