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Cold Season – Our favorite remedies

We’re nearing the end of October and my little guy got hit with the first cold of the season last week. ☹ No, he doesn’t have COVID. I know it’s hard to believe we can have real colds and not have COVID. (Take it easy, I’m simply making jokes here because things have been so tight among everyone this past year and a half.)

I remind myself what one of his pediatricians told us when he was an infant. “A cold now, is one less cold when he will be in school.”

I hope that’s right because daycare life has those little ones sharing all kinds of nasty germs.

Every time he gets a cold, my mama heart breaks because there isn’t a whole lot I can do but provide my love and the remedies we know of. I wanted to share our plan of attack against a cold to maybe help ease your worries and make things a touch easier too. Maybe you can let me know your tricks and tips if you have any I don’t mention!

First thing is first, I called my mom. 🤷‍♀️ So what if I’m in my mid-thirties, my mom knows best! So call your mom, grandma, aunt, bestie, whomever has better advice than yourself or someone you simply trust to talk out what’s going on.

The main item for colds and fevers, acetaminophen and ibuprofen are always the go-to OGs of any cold and flu. Since he started this cold out with a low-grade fever the other day, that’s how we kicked off fixing this. Certainly, ask your pediatrician for proper dosage. My tip here is grabbing the big bottle of it. I recently found Amazon has their brand, Basic Care, for half the price of regular children’s Tylenol and Ibuprofen! As parents we’ll go through a lot of it and any type of cost savings is great.

A humidifier is my other tactic! The cold this time is all congestion and cough. Poor thing lost his sweet voice and had a lot of mucus going on. I make sure we have this running anywhere he is in the house. Of course, I’m not chasing him with it as his little legs find energy to go room to room.

I typically have it running at night in his room with the fan on to keep it through the air and then out to the living room while he bums it on the couch in his jammies.

Be sure that you clean this regularly so there is no mold build up. Ours has been going all week long so we have to give it a good cleaning!

Kid’s vicks for his chest and feet at night. It’s actually called Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Soothing Chest Rub. This stuff is the ticket for nighttime with him and when he started to swing back around. He fought us having it put on and would yell, “YUCCCCK!” It smells so good to me, but I’m sure as a toddler he thinks it’s gross. It helped him breath easier and clear up some of the congestion he had going on. I noticed it helped him sleep better too!

Fluids. Whatever they like to drink, go buy it. He has insisted milk is his favorite this time and sadly the poor boy was not eating much. I had even tried to bribed with “ice cream” that was fruit and yogurt blended together, which is typically his favorite, but it was a no-go.

Milk it is and whenever he wants. If he is drinking, I’m totally okay with that. He isn’t wasting away! Plus, me and him crushed a whole sleeve of crackers just the other day for lunch. That was a win!

I like to make homemade vegetable or bone broths too. Another cold he had last year; I was able to get him to sip on some of that to feel better. It warms you and has tons of vitamins. This time I wasn’t as lucky, but I do always have it on hand for cooking and sipping for us. We use it for ourselves when we don’t feel well.

And the best medicine for any cold is sleep and snuggles with mom!

We all know how much we enjoy extra sleep when you feel like crap. One of the days he was home with me it was a full PJ day and that’s the comfort he needed while he lounged. He got a few hours of a solid nap in that day too.

It was so hard to get him to sleep easy through the nights when that cough first set in. All of those remedies were able to ease him a bit and get us through. He still isn’t 100% since coughs can linger but he is back in daycare and we’re all sleeping a bit better knowing he is feeling better.

Let me hear some of your favorite remedies when you or your children are sick. Everyone has some to share! I hope everyone stays as healthy as they can as the season is among us.

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Favorite Things – 2 years old

It has been a long while since I did a favorite things list! Now that we’re 2 whole years old, I figured we could share some of the fun things he loves. It’s geared towards summer a little and our travel life with going somewhere almost every weekend. These things are what he and we love!

Please know that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Click on any of the linked items below to be taken
to the page in Amazon to purchase!

  1. Water table – He absolutely loves to splash and make a mess in his water table. His aunt and one of my long-time friends bought him this for his 1st birthday but he can now reach all of the fun things on it. The water cannon is his absolute favorite part since he can “hit” mom and dad with it! “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”

  2. Amazon Fire Tablet – This is his “TV” as he calls it. We only use it for car rides that are longer than an hour usually. We do not intend to be sticklers, but because that’s a long time we ask a toddler to ride with us and we do it very often. We don’t use our tablet inside the house usually, mainly because we don’t use one ourselves. This is a perfect size and does what we need it to do for him! Not too costly and keeps up with the current streaming apps we use.

  3. Stasher bags – These bags are my favorite for snacks and a million other things outside of only kid’s stuff. We have been buying them for a few years now to create a nice collection. They are not super cheap, but they are cost savers in the long run. The best part about them, they’re dishwasher safe! They come in all sorts of colors and sizes too. Our favorite are any of the standup ones! I recently saw a hack that you put the bag over your herbs, like cilantro, and place the stems into a water jar so they create their own greenhouse and stay fresh longer! Who knew?!

  4. Water WOW books – They use a water pen that keeps this activity clean and mess free! We like to use them on trips and to occupy him while waiting in a doctors office for the ridiculous amount of time you sit there. They sell them all over. I’ve bought them on Amazon and in TJ Maxx or Marshalls for quick gifts. He loves all the different ones out there.

  5. Lego DUPLOs – This is a new favorite for him! His aunt & uncle got him these for his birthday knowing he’s just like his cousin. He enjoys picking all the different kinds of legos out and stacking random creations. They’re great for getting creative and letting him explore his imagination. Also, the big ones are best for parents so you don’t die on the smaller ones when you step on them.

  6. Kid Recliner – This is by far his favorite thing in the house. We got this for Christmas last year, but his rear end is in it every morning and evening! He lounges like a little old man and will ask for it to be “up” with his feet kicked back and hands behind his head with his favorite cartoon on.

  7. Fishing Sets – He received two different sets of these and both are so much fun for him and us. His dad is a big fisherman so he already knows fishing is part of his life. Now that he has his own play rods, we catch fish most mornings! The one set is magnets with colors and numbers on the fish. The other set has plastic hooks and rings on the fish to catch. That set even has a measuring tape and booklet to know which fish you caught! These are right up his alley to enjoy some indoor play!

  8. Large Puzzles by Melissa & Doug – We have enjoyed playing with puzzles for a while now. The chunky ones like this are certainly a young toddler’s favorite to position into place and learn what they are. We have a few different ones that include his name, Disney Mickey set, and a zoo animal set.

  9. OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Taupe – This seat is a perfect transition for us from highchair to the table with us. Now our kid likes to tell us when he’s ready for things and we haven’t used our highchair in almost a year. We love this booster because it gives him independence at the table with us and lets him sit high enough to enjoy his meals, when he wants them.  It’s small and easy enough to remove and travel with if need be too!

Let us know if you snag any of these items or have them already and how you like them! They also serve as great gifts for those in your life with littles. I am sure my list to continue to grow, but we don’t need to overwhelm anyone with how many items are actually in and around our house!

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Favorite Things – Postpartum Care Kit

One topic that I hear all the time from any expecting mother, whether you’re a first time mom or it’s your 2nd or 3rd or more, it’s always “what do I need when I get home from the hospital?” It’s something you kind of forget about while planning for the baby to arrive but definitely need to have when you get home because YOU are important too!

It’s also a fair question because those first few days are tough, not only physically, but mentally too. You have to wrap your head around having a new baby at home with you and also allow your body to heal. Insert quote about mom’s being rock stars here!

I took the idea of something my friend gifted me for my baby shower and I have geared it more towards those first few weeks at home for the healing mama. It’s the essentials.

A mom can’t care for others if she doesn’t take care of herself first.

This list is made from what I have created and put together for expecting mama friends as a gift to them. (Hint: if you’re looking for a gift idea for an expecting mother, this is something they WILL need and use!)

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Start this by grabbing yourself a cute bin or basket and stuff in the the items below to make a great Postpartum Care Kit! Add a personal note to it as well, explaining each of the items in the basket below.

1. Tissues – These are for the days you cry. You – will – cry. You may not know why or maybe you do, but know it’s okay and you need to let it out. Hormones… they’re all wacky. They will be for a while too.

2. Pads – Buy pads you like that are super absorbent. These are the ones I preferred and were my favorite. You can also do your who-ha a favor and make some of those homemade padsicles for the first few days! You can find how to make them on Pinterest.

3. Witch Hazel pads/wipes – They will provide some at the hospital but you’ll want more at home. These help your who-ha heal quicker, keeps the area extra clean, and soothe the lady parts! I was one of the lucky ones to get a little ole hemorrhoid during delivery. I wouldn’t have known unless my lovely husband didn’t announce it to the room. These helped heal that sucker right up!

4. Dermoblast – Do NOT buy menthol though. That would be horribly cruel. It soothes any burning or pain you may have, even if for a little bit. They give you some small cans from the hospital typically, but it never hurts to have extra. It can be used later on too for typical cuts and scrapes for the kiddos or yourself.

5. Aquaphor – No, you don’t get a chapped ass from delivering a baby. This is for your boobies if you’re nursing. Others like the lanolin, but I found this worked best when it was really painful for me. My pediatrician recommended it actually. Be sure to wipe it off a bit with a warm rag or baby wipe before baby nurses.

6. Colace or other stool softenerTrust me. My friend provided me with this tip before I delivered my son and I scratched my head wondering why. You will NOT want to add any additional pressure after delivery. Just take the stool softeners, you’ll be glad you did. Your nurses in the hospital should offer you some too, say YES!

7. Lansinoh Thera Pearl Packs – The same friend who tipped me off about the stool softeners bought me these. They are a little bit of heaven to your boobies when nursing. They can be frozen or heated and they give you that relief you may need. However, a warm rag does them good too! (cabbage leaves are just weird, for whoever came up with that tip)

8. TUMs – You can never have too many TUMs while pregnant. Well, maybe you can, but you feel like you can live off of them with the amount of heartburn that baby gives you. Since this gift will be given typically before baby comes, it will also be in the heat of the worst heartburn that mama has ever felt! Do yourself a favor and get it before it gets bad. Unlike me, my husband had to run out while I laid on the floor being dramatic.

9. Eye mask – This one is for when mom is supposed to close her eyes and “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Most of us know it’s nearly impossible to do that, but for the few times it will happen, these help! While you’re at it, download a free meditation app now to help when these moments arise so you can truly attempt to relax even if it is only 5 minutes.

10. Postpartum Grace Guide – Last, but absolutely not the least of the items to add to the kit, is my friend’s journal she wrote and created. I got it as I was going back to work and have enjoyed completing it! She took so much time and gave it so much love that it is exactly what a new mama could use when she first comes home, but it’s great for any time in the postpartum journey!

A few other items you could add

Face Masks – These are nice to give with the basket since typically, you’ll gift it before baby arrives. Mom can take a moment to enjoy to herself.

Bath Bomb – Same thing for one of these! Let mom get a moment to herself and relax.

#IMomSoHard – The book I added to my other Favorite Things list that is always a hit! I’ve shared mine with other moms and suggest it to everyone I know.

Gift cards – These could be for their favorite restaurant (that delivers), groceries or a grocery delivery service. No mom wants to be leaving the house right away, if they don’t have to.

A coupon with a promise – Promise to come help her. Come and support her in this new hard time as a new mama. Show up and hug her. Show up with her favorite meal or treat. Just show up. Company is great to have during this time.

Water bottle – In my gift, I got the biggest and nicest water bottle. This was useful in the hospital, at home nursing, and even now, I use it at work. Can’t go wrong with a cute water bottle to have at all times!

Slippers – Every woman deserves a nice pair of slippers to be comfortable in!

Robe for the hospital – I bought myself a light jersey material robe for the hospital. I loved it because it was cute, comfortable and minimal effort for me to cover if someone visited or when I was nursing my son.

Dry shampoo – While I haven’t caught on to this trend, mainly because I have thin hair and mostly have to wash it daily, I know a ton of others who swear by it!

What would you add to this care kit? I’m sure there are things that could make it even better for a mom-to-be that I haven’t thought of.

I hope this helps a mom-to-be or even someone looking to make a creative gift for that mom-to-be. If you can make the days at home just a touch easier, you’ll be happy about it.

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Favorite Things – 4-6 Months

Happy Thanksgiving! We have lots to be thankful for this year with our little guy growing so fast! The nights can be long yet, but man, are the days so short!

Here we are, my son is already 6 months old! Where in the sweet hell did the time go?! He is growing like a bad weed and we’re loving every moment of it! He found his voice and is chatting constantly, his dad says he gets that from me. We are trying all kinds of solid foods and the personality continues to grow more each day!

In the last 3 months, we built another list of our favorite things to share with you. I hope you find these lists useful whether you’re a new mom, expecting mom, or a friend of a mom that could use your help with finding her some useful items to make life a little more manageable.

If you are interested in any of the items, click on the image of them below. It will take you directly to Amazon for pricing.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

1. Sleep Sacks
I have three of these that are all slightly different. Two are a lighter material and one is fleece. We switched to these as soon as he began rolling and he was in his crib. This way he’s got a little extra warmth and comfort but has full freedom of his arms and hands. He loves to sleep on his tummy now so these are great for him to be able to flip on over and get back if needed.

2. Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Plush Pals 2 Pack
He loves anything that he can grab, chew and drool on. Truly, this Zebra toy is his favorite. There are lots of colors, it’s soft as well as it has several different textured items hanging from each of it’s feet. We take this one with us everywhere we go since it’s the overall favorite right now.

3. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover
Granted, this is a winter item, but it’s key! It saves you from adding additional layers, which isn’t recommended anyways to ensure they’re strapped tightly in their car seat. But also, my son is a sweaty boy like his mom and dad, so the extra layers would only make him a hot tamale! This cover is just what we need for him to be warm enough from car to home, or home to daycare, and every trip in between during the cold months!

4. Baby Bandana Drool Bibs KeaBabies (Grayscape)
Now let me tell you, we go through A LOT of bibs right now, I mentioned we’re teething, right? I have more bibs to wash than anything else. However, my favorite when it comes to functionality and appearance are these ones. I bought the larger pack and they’re adorable! That was a big win for this mama, since boy stuff is all the same. We have lots of cute stuff, but these were a treat for me to find with such cute designs! This is the same brand that I have my baby wrap in too, so it was an easy decision when I found these online.

5. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat
This is our go-to for our first “high chair.” Since he was starting solids these past couple of months, this chair is so convenient. We put it anywhere, it can strap to any chair, and it’s small and compact. The tray slides into the base of the seat when you’re done so you have it always but if you don’t need it, it’s put away neatly where you can find it. We have taken it with us places and it’s not in the way. It helps little man sit up pretty well too as he works on those core muscles!

6. LOPE & NG Soft Silicone Feeding Bib
Since we are onto solids now and this nugget is an eating machine we have messes while eating. He is doing so well but he’s still new to it and it’s pretty messy, obviously. We love these bibs since they’re silicone and you can rinse them off rather than use another cloth one to add to your laundry and the don’t break the bank!

7. Aminson Anti Slip Non Skid Ankle Socks
Little dude is an ever growing man and we had to up the sock size too for him. These ones I have found have the nice little grippy rubber bottoms for when he decides he’s going to start motoring on his feet. They’re also high enough they don’t slip off of his ankles as easy as some socks do and the elastic isn’t too tight around his chubby ankles causing that mark on them.

8. Evenflo Exersaucer Trip Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon
This bad boy is a baby’s dream! Now that he can reach everything and his little legs can touch, he is in all his glory when he plays in this. They have one at daycare too and he is so engaged when he’s in it. It gives them that little bit of independence but so much to play with that makes noise and moves. It will grow with him too allowing him to enjoy it for a long time!

9. BALM! Baby Bye-Bye Teething Hello SLEEP! Natural Teething Tincture
A mom friend recommendation since our little man has been having swings of sleeping, not sleeping, and chewing and drooling on every thing he can put into his mouth. It leads us to believe those teeth are ready to bust through any time now. We have been using this at night mostly but on his tougher days, during the daytime as well. It’s all natural and the flavor isn’t bad!

There it is, another list for you on what we have enjoyed in a few months. They aren’t for everyone but they have been for us! I hope maybe one of them can help you and your baby or a mama and dad you know.

Another list will be built of our Favorite Things, but I have yet to decide what it may be next! Stay tuned!!

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Favorite Things – When Pregnant

So you’re pregnant and all kinds of things are happening to your body. You are growing a tiny human! Kind of crazy right? I still cannot believe I was pregnant, then delivered that little nugget! My mind is still completely blown on how our bodies do that and those peanuts fit through the exit! Maybe we shouldn’t think of that part…

And it all went so damn fast, even on the most uncomfortable days, the 41 weeks blew right by me. Any who, no need to reminisce on my wonders of the body.

I wanted to give you my list of favorite things during my pregnancy that helped me survive. Sure, everyone has different things that helped them or made them feel more “normal” during the time we tend to compare ourselves to beach balls or a turtle stuck on its back when you are trying to get out of bed. Yeah, that’s the EXACT way I felt in my third trimester every morning when I went to get out of bed.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

1. Belly band
This bad boy came in handy when my belly got big enough to begin giving me back troubles. Sure, it made me feel like an old woman with a giant support belt but I felt 100x better taking the pressure off of the weight of my stomach and the baby pulling on my back. It took some getting used to and learning how to put it on exactly right but overall I would 100% suggest this to mom’s if you have any back pains. Especially if you are still going to work until baby arrives!

2. Panty liners
If you haven’t figured it out yet, you need LOTS of these. It’s one of those unspoken things they don’t put in the books you read to prepare for pregnancy. They tell you about things happening down there to help the baby and this and that, but they don’t give you the tip of buying stock in panty liners to save your guchies from the daily grossness going on from growing that tiny human.

3. Maternity body pillow
BEST. THING. EVER. My husband was the kindest soul who bought me this right away. This pillow is shaped like a C and is the best thing to help you sleep comfortably while you provide a safe haven for that growing baby. I love to sleep on my back but while pregnant you aren’t supposed to, plus my son was laying directly on my vena cava nerve which, if I did lay on my back for any period of time, I would feel like I was going to pass out. This pillow allowed me to prop myself at a 45 degree angle to not quite lay on my side but not quite lay on my back and it was perfect. It was so comfy I would find my husband snuggled into it the second I crawled out of bed and some days even our dog would hop into it.

4. Cocoa butter lotion for Stretch Marks
You may know of a ton of different products out there that are fancy schmancy and expensive for skin care. Nothing compares to the tried and true cocoa butter for stretch marks. I even used the regular cocoa butter lotion for my scar on my cheek years ago. It works and that is why I went to the brand for my belly. I always put it on my prego-self when I would get out of the shower. I am still using this stuff 4+ months post partum too and my stretch marks are fading more and more.

5. Compression socks
Go ahead, snicker and call me a grandma. I’ve always had issues with swollen ankles and feet when flying but I never thought they would get as bad as they did when I was pregnant. These were my saving grace! Yes, in the third trimester it’s a bitch to get them on and off but if you move slowly and have someone help you take them off, it’s not so bad. They truly did help though for those long days so I wouldn’t have to come home and immediately prop them up and put ice on them. So many days I did that and I regretted not wearing the socks. Just wear the damn socks! It pays to be comfortable while you’re pregnant if you can.

6. TUMs for heartburn – Target UP & UP brand is best!
I had absolutely no idea what heartburn was prior to pregnancy and even after having my son I haven’t had a single bout of it. I remember having to ask my dad what heartburn felt like and he laughed that I had to go to him with a pregnancy question for once since obviously men can’t usually provide help there. Once I got to the end of the 2nd trimester and most of the 3rd I had it so bad it was unbearable. One night it was so bad I was laying on our wood floor because it’s cool rolling like an idiot telling Blake, “this is is. This is how I go!” He laughed and went to Rite Aid to buy me all the tums they had. I lived on those! But I will say the Target UP & UP brand was the best. They tasted better than the TUMs brand.

7. Heating pad
All the pain in my back called for more old people treatments. Heating pads are a great investment from your high school athletic days to pregnancy to just being over 30 years old and sneezing wrong. I used this sucker daily when sitting on the couch. I would tell you the muscles that were sore but when I google the image I can’t pronounce it so I’ll just tell you it was all in my middle and lower back that I had the most pain.

8. TENS unit 
This sucker was a game changer for the bad days. My friends let me borrow their’s because when we were at their house one evening they could see the pain I was in without me saying a word and she had been pregnant a year and a half before me so she knew and swore by it too. I probably sat a few times with it on longer than I was supposed to but it alleviated the pain so well that it was nice to have that break.

9. Slides sandals and Birkenstock sandals
With my swollen and puffy feet I needed comfort and no restrictions on them. I wore my slides around the house mostly because they were cushy and the extra weight I had gained made my feet just hurt. It was like a small massage wearing those. I also snagged a pair of knock-off Birkenstock sandals from Kohl’s. They were their Sonoma brand and I still wear these bad boys since I could tighten the straps after my puffy feet stretched them out. These got me through the last trimester and even at work so I didn’t have to wear fancy heels or bend over to try to put other shoes on or tie them. Comfort over style, people!!

10. Kohl’s A-glow brand of maternity clothes
I didn’t go to the mall, hell, I never go there. It is a rare occasion when I do. My go to place is Kohl’s and Amazon mainly because they ship it all to me! 😊 Either way, Kohl’s came out with a maternity line shortly before I got pregnant. It’s called A-glow. I LOVED all of their clothes and they are afforable. The best was when I did go to the store I would hit up the clearance rack and usually score a few items. Camisoles were my best find for under $2 each one day and they were the nursing tank kind with the snaps at the straps. SCORE! I grabbed probably 4 of them. All of their tops and pants were great and fit comfortably. I’ve now stored them all in a bin if I’ll need them again one day because mama is not buying maternity clothes again. The pants that have the belly band that goes up to your boobs, those are the most comfortable as that belly grows!

11. #IMomSoHard Book
My friend bought this for me for my baby shower along with many essentials! This book was great to have and enjoy through those weeks of wondering what motherhood is going to be like. These ladies bring the realistic ideas we think about to life and make it fun. I literally LOL’d at this book and I’m not one for reading. This is something to relax with rather than letting your own mind wonder into the dark holes.

A quick suggestion for a few things to try and do while pregnant too that aren’t tangible objects.

o Hip stretches
Do these daily. I believe it helped my recovery to be quicker and not be in so much pain afterwards in my hips specifically. My hips have always been an issue in my life with pains. I googled the stretches to do and I had a list of them I made myself do daily. It maybe took me 10-15 minutes tops. If nothing else, it helped stretch my lower back muscles too and alleviated that pain a little as well.

o Prenatal massages, if you’re able
They were life savers for me. I got these monthly and they saved my back so much. It was a good way to give yourself some YOU time as well which you need and should take advantage of before baby arrives. Granted, you may need to lay only on your side like I had to but if you find the right massage therapist they will work with you to accommodate!

o Walking when you can
It helps to keep your lower back loose, helps baby get in position, and it’s suggested for healthy exercise while pregnant! It’s a nice way to push yourself to get that exercise in when you’re not up for running or HIIT workouts like you used to be. It’s relaxing as well and can get you some QT with your hubby or girlfriends. Fresh air is always a mood booster!

o Pedicures
Grab a girlfriend or your mom or sister and go get a pedicure. Sadly, you won’t be able to reach your toes easily in the third trimester. Your feet will enjoy it big time. (I used to touch my toes every once in a while to prove I could still do it but it wasn’t easy!) Plus the massage chair is an added bonus!

These were my go-to’s while pregnant and I hope this maybe helped a mama-to-be or you could help one you know by sharing this with them. If you are a friend of someone who is pregnant, maybe you could gift one of the above items to them. Either the tangible ones or even the non-tangible ones as well would be a great gift to them! Hell, just invite her out for a walk so you can catch up!