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Been a Minute

It’s been a short minute since I’ve wrote a new blog.

I owe no one an explanation. I’ve come to deal with that thought a lot about who I am as a mom, friend, daughter, etc.

My mental health needs attention. So that’s what I will take time to handle accordingly. I am absolutely okay.

I stepped back from social media by deleting the apps from my phone as well as reeled it in a bit on my time with my family.

My family does not deserve me staring at my phone while I’m with them when we are already away from each other for most of the days at work and daycare.

They don’t deserve a woman in their life who is comparing herself to the other moms in the world, wives on tik tok, or models in ads.

They deserve me to be in each moment with them at home. Even if we are sitting on the couch watching a movie together, it should be that. All of us all together on one couch watching the same thing. Not each of us on our own devices.

Others do not get full access to me either. My priorities are simply that. My priorities.

Nothing else should make me question if someone gets privileges to my life and dictating when and how I do something.

No is a complete sentence. I rarely use it and feel rude if I do, but it is. I should feel no repercussion and guilt for saying it when I either don’t have time to do something or cannot allow it in my space when there are a million other things I want or need to do.

I have many thoughts and ideas on this blog to share with you all. I have to believe someone else reading this has felt or is feeling the same way I have lately and that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

It’s certainly more in depth than the words you read above because my anxiety is real. The amount of pressure I put on myself is far too much. I will continue to put myself first in the best way possible while still doing this blog because I love sharing mom life with you all!

There are many of you who inspire me and help me so sharing that along the way is fun for me to do. But not without ensuring my mental health and family come first.

Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead!

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Just Keep Swimming

As summer is on its way out, I wanted to tell you about our little fish we discovered this summer!

Our son became quite the daredevil on vacation when it came to swimming, and we were so impressed. Mainly because before that week, he only dabbled in a bit of the water activities with caution.

Our family is around water a lot. My husband and I grew up around the water our whole lives. Mine being at the lake house with family learning to ski and kneeboard. My husband being around water always fishing at lakes or the ocean. Water is a big part of what we enjoy with our time off and with family and friends, so my son is around it a lot as well!

We always hoped he would love the water. I think we’re on the right track so far!

From 2 weeks old I’ve been taking him to the family lake house. Since then, he’s been on the fishing boat with dad regularly or with mom on the speed boat.

2 week old nugget at our family lake house

What I have never wanted to do was scare him of the water. Each kid is different, and I’ve had people tell me all sorts of things about how we should do it. You know, the opinions you never asked for that I’ve mentioned before. *eye roll*

We are around water so much we want him to respect it and love it. One moment can scare him to not want to enjoy it and that’s where I know the entire process must be on his terms, with our help and watchful eyes, of course.

Throughout this summer we have been encouraging him to have more time in the water with us. We had taken him on the tube behind the boat at the beginning of summer. We did three loops around our cove, though it may have appeared he did not like it because he kept putting his head down while riding between my husband and me. He made the calls to keep going each time we would ask.

My husband was also able to take him to the wave pool by our home a few times this summer before we had gone to the beach which I give a lot of credit to his confidence in the water.

The wave pool has the gradient entry, like the beach. It allowed him to choose the pace to get in and what he was comfortable with.

Now I do need to put in the fact that he is a boy so the confidence level seems to increase rapidly with anything he learns he can do on his own.

I know our son is more cautious than some kids can be. I am not sure how, but I’ll take it as a mom because my heart can only handle so much!

Two things that I like to believe helped him get to where he is with enjoying the water is our confidence in him to trust us being there and bathtub play time. This is specifically with my son obviously, as he’s my first child and we can only do what we know and feel comfortable with as parents. I had not read what to do or how to introduce them as some may. We did not do swim lessons that I had first believed we would do.

We went with our gut and our own experience in water and how we learned and felt comfortable with growing up around it. It’s consistent conversation among me and my husband on how we think he did or what we may want to try next.

To be honest, my parents remind me that my first-time swimming in a pool was with a stranger on vacation. They were there, but I did not want to go into the water with them. It’s now funny but shows kids all learn on their own circumstances.

When we got to the beach this year of course we went to the ocean on day one. He loved the sand to build and knock down castles. The best part of it was him “jumping” in the waves.

He would jump and plop right on his bum. The best way to visualize it is doing a seat drop on a trampoline. That’s what he would do to “jump the waves.” 😂

Those waves would smack him, and he would stand right back up! Knowing mom, dad and grandma were close, he kept playing hard. That is one thing we try hard not to do, panic, and grab him when he falls down. He was not hurt when the waves would hit him and we would encourage him to hop up and that is just what he did.

He wanted to go out deeper a few times, but we told him we had to carry him. That’s where the mom and dad being there to show caution would come in for him that we do put a limit on what we know he can or cannot handle.

The pool became a favorite spot of his though because there were other big kids to watch and mimic.

That helped significantly with his confidence in the water. He wants to be a big kid so badly and will attempt to do what they do. He is a watch and see or monkey-see, monkey-do kind of kid.

He was jumping off the edge holding our hands and even began letting his face go under water. He would dip his face in the water when the others would dip under and hold their breath for their parents to count how long they could hold it. He began to go off the steps by himself to swim towards us. He would spin around and around. It kept getting more fun for him as he saw what he could do.

It was so fun for us all to watch him gain confidence in himself with swimming and trying to do more in the water each day.

We had a few parents surprised of his age when they had their kids there either not getting in or were older and had not tried what he was at the same age. It made us feel good because again, it was all on his terms. None of it happened because we pushed him too much.

If we asked him to try something and he said no, we stopped asking in that moment. Not to say we didn’t ask again the next day to see if he would want to try. A few times he did change his mind, but our son is someone who makes up his mind and it is exactly what he wants. There is not changing his mind. I hope that remains in his life forever. Stick to his gut.

We are both very happy where he is with his swimming skills at a young age. He’s no Michael Phelps at age 2, but he’s also not afraid of it. I love exactly where he is and it’s because of his own choices to get there.

I want to say I’ll never push him too hard, but that’s not true. I know for a fact though; he will get where he’s going because of his own choices just like this has been.

I cannot wait to get him to the water again and keep seeing him swim and enjoy the water like we always have!

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Boys = Boo-boos

Welcome to my world of #boymom life where boo-boo’s are a regular occurrence, band-aids are the devil, and fear doesn’t exist inside my son.

I adore the fact that my child doesn’t have fear but my nerves and heart do not.

I love it because I miss those days for myself of not being afraid of anything and taking all the risks without any fear behind them. It allows kids to try so many things and experience life! Now I worry about what kind of pain I’ll be in the next few days if I choose to do something.

We joke that my son is a walking accident.

It’s not much of a joke when he truly does have scrapped knees, a busted lip or some other cut or bruise from his own actions on a regular basis.

Do not go calling the child services on me.

He is always barefoot, wanting to be “ahht-side,” playing in the dirt or mud, and always playing rough.

We allow him to take the risks he chooses, with watchful eyes. But if you’re a boy mom, you know damn well that those eyes and hands can be on them at all times, and they will still injure themselves.

It’s part of who they are!

He took a spill last Thanksgiving on concrete steps, while my husband was holding his hand, and has a tiny scar from his teeth busting through his lip. That’s our best example of holding his hand and an accident still happening. BOYS!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him having scars or bruises, but I also do not want to hold him back and make him afraid of anything.

Any fall he has we both are quick to tell him, “Brush it off!” and he is so good about it. It really is how you react to their situation on how they then react themselves.

This is a judgement call of knowing just how bad the situation is. If it is bad enough, mom is always there to scoop him up and hold him tight to make it better. Don’t worry, I definitely love on that little one all I can!

There’s other times he wants to jump on top of me at any given moment as if we’re in the WWE ring.

I’ll be minding my own business and he attacks me from behind screaming, “GOT YOU!” This will be interesting as he grows and gets bigger.

He will climb to the top of the couch while I’m laying on it and slide down onto me with, “yaaaah!” And other times while horsing around on the couch he’ll tumble right off of it onto the floor but hop right back up on to it again.

And my personal favorite, he will grab a bucket that fits his melon head and pull it down once he acknowledges his target and walk right into things to then pick it up and laugh.

What my point is here today is that boys always equal boo-boos. If you have a little girl who fits this mold, high five her for me!

That was me as a kid. 😊 I’m obviously only telling stories about my boy because that’s the child I have.

With every boo-boo he gets, it becomes show and tell. The pride of his fearless attitude shows.

“Mama… boo-boo.”

“Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!              …boo-boo”

If you’re a stranger in the store and you say Hi to him, “wook, boo-boo”

It doesn’t matter how long those last, he loves to show them to us and let us know he had something happen.

They’re a trophy and I assume this “stage” will last a while in a boy’s world.

I don’t want that to fade, the fearlessness in his soul.

When it comes to dangerous things as he gets older, I may throw back a strong shot of whiskey to ease my nerves, but I hope he doesn’t hold himself back.

Part of being a boy and having all those boo-boos is experiencing life with the fun that surrounds the boo-boos you get.

Let’s see if I can keep up with him and try things again with him. 😉

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Two Infinity & Beyond Birthday Party

Two months ago, was our little guy’s birthday party with our family and friends. Uh, where did those 2 months go?! Yet, let me rephrase that, where did the last 2 years go?!

I let the Pinterest mindset get the best of me and I’m not sorry about it. His little party turned out great! The weather chose not to cooperate with us, but that didn’t defeat the fun of his day.

Below are some of my tips or simply what I did for his day that maybe another parent can use to plan for their kiddo’s special day!

There were decorations I did that were cost efficient and other things that were not. I am a mom that loves to plan and someone who loves a good party. I can’t help myself when it comes to things like this and can get carried away.

I will admit I put more pressure on myself for a two-year old’s birthday than someone should. I don’t recommend it for everyone to go as far as I did but there are others who go further. I like to think I was the middle of the road with the decorations! Some might even say I took shortcuts and didn’t do what they would. It’s all about preference.

We went with a TWO Infinity and Beyond theme since he loves all of the Toy Story movies and Buzz Lightyear is his favorite character. Obviously, it’s been around a long time, so the ideas were not hard to find.

My biggest suggestion to anyone is to go to the Dollar Tree for your decoration needs first! They have much more than people think. I always make sure we go there first for anything, then get what you still need elsewhere. It saves you money in the long run!

Decorations we used for his party:

  • Letter board that we owned already. I have used this same letterboard through my pregnancy with him and as a decoration in our home.
    • I put the saying on it, “Houston, We have a Two Year Old”
      If it seems like I have my life together, that saying is still on the board hanging on our wall. 🙃
  • Toy Story toys we owned became the party decorations. Set them up around the food. We had Mr. Potato Head, Buzz, Woody, and Bo Peep. Each one had a part to play with the set up and food themes.
  • Food Labels. I have a Cricut Joy and made labels for the foods that were themed to the movies. I used cardstock paper from the Dollar Tree. These could easily be done by hand too! Below are the ones we used for the food we had. There are many other ideas out there for additional foods!
    • Space Ranger Cake
    • Mr. Potato Head Chips
    • Slinky Dog Hot Dogs
    • “Bow” Peeps Pasta Salad
    • Bullseye’s Carrot Salad (horses like carrots, duh)
    • T-Rex Broccoli Salad
  • Pizza Planet labels inside the pizza boxes. This is where I’m not fancy and I found the logo online to print and simply taped it inside the pizza boxes.
    • We ordered our favorite local pizza, Brenda’s Pizza! They have a half-priced day that I was able to snag their take-n-bakes early and freeze them for the day of. Cost savings and something everyone likes!
    • We did the take-n-bakes too so that we made the pizza fresh as it was being consumed. It worked well for us!
  • Dollar Tree Finds:
    • Balloons. I found the colors we wanted and bought a few bags. You can order helium ones as well and they always last a long while when I’ve got them there!
      • They even had a neat strip to buy to make a balloon banner that we hung from our ceiling fans. It took time, sure, but remember I’m the one who likes this kind of stuff and made that banner the day before during my son’s nap.
    • Birthday Candle – The Dollar Tree is where they’re at! They have an array of colors to choose from and all kinds of fun ones too. Don’t break the bank at the local grocery store for something you’ll use once, maybe twice.
    • Favors for the other kids who come. I found puzzles, pencils, chalk, and buckets for the kids! No parent wants the junk, but you can find a few nice items to put in their favors that the kids will enjoy!
  • Cake & Balloons themed with the movies – obviously not from the Dollar Tree!
    • This is based on your budget and who you can find to make these.
    • We went with who made our wedding cake 4 years ago and she did not disappoint! Mountain Flour Bakery
      She absolutely nailed his cake and the taste was amazing too!
  • A Template with facts about the birthday kiddo! They do have templates you can buy but I didn’t find one I liked so I made one for him!
    • Another thing that proves I’m not as put together as I seem…
      I 100% forgot to put this template out for the party *Face palm*
  • Some of the additional things we found were from Party City
    • Toy Story Table Cloths
    • Toy Story Happy Birthday Banner
    • Toy Story wrapping paper for his gifts

Will I do this much again? Maybe. Maybe not depending on how busy life gets.

I did say to my husband that I can’t wait for when he’s older with friends so we can go to a facility and pay them to do it all so I only have to show up with the kids and watch them have fun. It was said with love, of course. But there are things that go with planning anything that are more stressful than they need to be.

It’s up to you as their parents to make it what you want.

Don’t use me as your example to follow. Don’t use someone else either.

Set your own expectations and limitations to what you want in an event to celebrate your little ones.

Believe me, I did both of those. I had expectations, yet full limitations I plan to stick to for years to come. Because at the end of the day, what matters is that my son is the star of the show and he has fun. No one or nothing will stand in the way of that being the goal and end result of his special days.


Obviously we all had Buzz Lightyear shirts!
Kohl’s for the win on those!
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The Dirty Duties

A topic every parent can relate to…

Diaper changes

Things seem more “normal” when we can relate to one another or when we can say, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

I want to share a few of our adventures in these past 6 months of our diaper duty stories and woes. Feel free to share yours in the comments of a horror story or a humorous one that we can all know we relate to in some way or another.

The Pooping Hiatus

When we were first home with our son, he had a pooping hiatus. His tiny little body decided he wasn’t going to go for a few days. Ensue mama worrying x1000!

I had called the nurses that weekend who told me, go ahead and supplement formula for extra fluids and use the rectal thermometer to assist. If you read my posts, you’ll know how that thermometer experience went with my hubby. After a few extra visits to the pediatrician’s office and them telling us the SAME thing each time *eye roll*, that his bowels were moving since he was passing gas and to keep up the fluids, we kept crossing our fingers each day.

On day 5, the explosion happened! I was never so excited for a blow out diaper. He was only a week old and while chatting at the dinner table with my parents, he pooped out of his diaper. My mom and I jumped up in excitement, I took a picture to send to my husband who was working, and we sighed a breath of relief that the little man finally pooped again!

Breakfast Balance Change

We went to breakfast with friends of ours a couple of months back. We chose the small town, itty-bitty diner with great food… but they only have two single bathrooms. One for ladies and one for men with a single toilet and a sink. These tiny bathrooms do not have a changing table though. What do you do when your child’s diaper is about to explode?

I sat down on the toilet, yes, my pants were still on, with no seat cover either. Why would there be? Ugh. He and I do our best balancing act and change him on my lap. Totally awkward and not easy but we did it. I know I’m not the only one in this situation for sure! Some dads can probably relate to this one, right?

Pap called it

We were visiting my in-laws and hanging out Sunday morning with everyone. Our son was hanging out in his rocker by his Pap. His Pap isn’t one to pick him up, but will chat with him lots. I’m going around the house cleaning up our stuff to pack to get ready to leave soon and I hear my FIL say, “oh, that looks like a poop face!” I replied, “yeah, he does that a lot. Don’t worry, he’s good.”

Pshhh, I was wrong. My husband had gone to grab our son to pick him up a little later and I hear the reaction. “Ohhhhh noooooo!” It was a massive explosion. One that you don’t want to even transfer the child elsewhere because it was up his back and out the leg. My FIL was there snickering, “I told you!”

I grabbed the wipes and it took the two of us to undress him the best we could without additional smearing and then do a quick baby wipe bath. You’ve all been there, don’t lie! If you haven’t, just wait for it. He got a sink bath quickly after that since we were leaving soon, but man oh man was that a doozy!

Table Decor Change

We went on a family vacation and had gone to a local brewery by our lake house. It was a normal sized bathroom but another mom was using the stall with the changing table and had a toddler with her. I could hear she clearly had her hands full and as a fellow mom I’m not about to rush her but I’m also not about to walk out because I had to change him.

No one else was waiting and I made a quick judgement call. There was a decorative table there by the sinks with plenty of space for my son’s little booty and only a small vase of fake flowers on it. So, here we go, quick change! It was only a wet diaper anyways, what’s the harm? As I was putting his pants back on, the other mom came out and giggled a bit but said the big stall was all mine to use now. I had been done and we kind of smiled as a mental high five was shared because we both had challenges they were just a bit different. #momlife

Pee on Grandma

An evening when my mom was over, he had just got a bath. As I laid him on his changing pad, we were making him laugh and giggle while he was naked and drying. I always hate to throw a diaper on immediately after a bath so it doesn’t trap any moisture between those chunky thighs to cause a rash or chaffing. We have not had many open peeing situations occur… you see where this is going, right?

Well, in the midst of chatting and making him giggle. He wasn’t waiting for mom to put that diaper on any longer and a rainbow high stream shot through the air towards my mom. As quick as I saw it go up was as quick as I covered his wiener with my hand and I think I scared him because he quit immediately. It was all in slow motion to me as it happened too.

Laughing, I said to my mom that I thought it landed on her since I saw none on the floor. “No, I don’t feel anything” she says. It took a few minutes until she touched her shirt in the right spot to find that wet spot he nailed her with. So much for that extra drying time!

Public Bathrooms Rant

  1. Someone explain to me how we are to wash our hands effectively while holding an infant without a stroller or car seat with you? I’ve walked out, handed him to my husband to turn right back around and go wash my hands. Put a sink in the bathroom with the changing table or at least some hand sanitizer I can pump with one hand.

  2. Also, why are there not always trash cans near the changing table? We have to pack up the child, the table, and carry out the dirty diaper and whatever else we have along with us. Then maybe wash our hands if we can juggle it or do what I mentioned above.

  3. Men’s bathrooms with changing tables. We are finding that more have them than they used to. However, they all should have them. Obviously, not something we thought about before having our son, but they’re extremely useful when my husband takes him anywhere alone and has to change him or even when he’s trying to help me out.

  4. A bar we went to recently didn’t have a changing table in the women’s room and I believe it’s due to where it’s located in our city since it’s geared more towards the night life and younger scene. Whatever their decision not to have one, add it, dammit. We went for a college football game during the day and you get more than just the young ones coming out to drink on the weekends. Needless to say he was changed in his stroller in the restaurant. Not sorry.

If the stories above reminded you of any memorable diaper experiences worth sharing, please do so below! It’s fun to share the stuff we go through as parents because it’s always good to know we go through similar situations and are not alone in any of this!

With all of those above stories, do you know what you do when you’re a parent? You adapt. Every situation challenges you to learn new things and adapt quickly. If my son has taught us anything over these last 6 months of his life, we have learned to adapt and quickly find the best way to handle a situation no matter what it may be.

It’s amazing how they teach us so much isn’t it?