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Just Keep Swimming

As summer is on its way out, I wanted to tell you about our little fish we discovered this summer!

Our son became quite the daredevil on vacation when it came to swimming, and we were so impressed. Mainly because before that week, he only dabbled in a bit of the water activities with caution.

Our family is around water a lot. My husband and I grew up around the water our whole lives. Mine being at the lake house with family learning to ski and kneeboard. My husband being around water always fishing at lakes or the ocean. Water is a big part of what we enjoy with our time off and with family and friends, so my son is around it a lot as well!

We always hoped he would love the water. I think we’re on the right track so far!

From 2 weeks old I’ve been taking him to the family lake house. Since then, he’s been on the fishing boat with dad regularly or with mom on the speed boat.

2 week old nugget at our family lake house

What I have never wanted to do was scare him of the water. Each kid is different, and I’ve had people tell me all sorts of things about how we should do it. You know, the opinions you never asked for that I’ve mentioned before. *eye roll*

We are around water so much we want him to respect it and love it. One moment can scare him to not want to enjoy it and that’s where I know the entire process must be on his terms, with our help and watchful eyes, of course.

Throughout this summer we have been encouraging him to have more time in the water with us. We had taken him on the tube behind the boat at the beginning of summer. We did three loops around our cove, though it may have appeared he did not like it because he kept putting his head down while riding between my husband and me. He made the calls to keep going each time we would ask.

My husband was also able to take him to the wave pool by our home a few times this summer before we had gone to the beach which I give a lot of credit to his confidence in the water.

The wave pool has the gradient entry, like the beach. It allowed him to choose the pace to get in and what he was comfortable with.

Now I do need to put in the fact that he is a boy so the confidence level seems to increase rapidly with anything he learns he can do on his own.

I know our son is more cautious than some kids can be. I am not sure how, but I’ll take it as a mom because my heart can only handle so much!

Two things that I like to believe helped him get to where he is with enjoying the water is our confidence in him to trust us being there and bathtub play time. This is specifically with my son obviously, as he’s my first child and we can only do what we know and feel comfortable with as parents. I had not read what to do or how to introduce them as some may. We did not do swim lessons that I had first believed we would do.

We went with our gut and our own experience in water and how we learned and felt comfortable with growing up around it. It’s consistent conversation among me and my husband on how we think he did or what we may want to try next.

To be honest, my parents remind me that my first-time swimming in a pool was with a stranger on vacation. They were there, but I did not want to go into the water with them. It’s now funny but shows kids all learn on their own circumstances.

When we got to the beach this year of course we went to the ocean on day one. He loved the sand to build and knock down castles. The best part of it was him “jumping” in the waves.

He would jump and plop right on his bum. The best way to visualize it is doing a seat drop on a trampoline. That’s what he would do to “jump the waves.” 😂

Those waves would smack him, and he would stand right back up! Knowing mom, dad and grandma were close, he kept playing hard. That is one thing we try hard not to do, panic, and grab him when he falls down. He was not hurt when the waves would hit him and we would encourage him to hop up and that is just what he did.

He wanted to go out deeper a few times, but we told him we had to carry him. That’s where the mom and dad being there to show caution would come in for him that we do put a limit on what we know he can or cannot handle.

The pool became a favorite spot of his though because there were other big kids to watch and mimic.

That helped significantly with his confidence in the water. He wants to be a big kid so badly and will attempt to do what they do. He is a watch and see or monkey-see, monkey-do kind of kid.

He was jumping off the edge holding our hands and even began letting his face go under water. He would dip his face in the water when the others would dip under and hold their breath for their parents to count how long they could hold it. He began to go off the steps by himself to swim towards us. He would spin around and around. It kept getting more fun for him as he saw what he could do.

It was so fun for us all to watch him gain confidence in himself with swimming and trying to do more in the water each day.

We had a few parents surprised of his age when they had their kids there either not getting in or were older and had not tried what he was at the same age. It made us feel good because again, it was all on his terms. None of it happened because we pushed him too much.

If we asked him to try something and he said no, we stopped asking in that moment. Not to say we didn’t ask again the next day to see if he would want to try. A few times he did change his mind, but our son is someone who makes up his mind and it is exactly what he wants. There is not changing his mind. I hope that remains in his life forever. Stick to his gut.

We are both very happy where he is with his swimming skills at a young age. He’s no Michael Phelps at age 2, but he’s also not afraid of it. I love exactly where he is and it’s because of his own choices to get there.

I want to say I’ll never push him too hard, but that’s not true. I know for a fact though; he will get where he’s going because of his own choices just like this has been.

I cannot wait to get him to the water again and keep seeing him swim and enjoy the water like we always have!

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Great Day Ends in Surfboard Carry

We recently went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC and had a great time! I have a few blogs to share with you that came to mind while there.

One specific day was awesome day with our son. Most were, but this story is about one day in particular.

I mean it. It was a storybook kind of day on our vacation at the beach.

We went to the beach in the morning. He ran, destroyed sand castles, jumped waves and got buried in the sand. He was a happy little man and had us all enjoying our time.

We all walked to lunch a few blocks away so we could eat beachside and have a fun drink. We pushed him on his tricycle the whole way there too. He even got a virgin strawberry daiquiri and felt so cool.

When we got back he took a long nap. My husband and I snuck away for some beach time until grandma and pap met us at the pool with him.

We swam together, dunked, splashed. You name it, we did it.

We convinced him to head upstairs for dinner and we all got ready then headed to a nice delicious dinner out. He even danced to a live band near the restaurant afterwards. He was making people laugh that were around us and making us chuckle at his little dance moves.

Then we take a turn and all shit breaks lose.

We went to the park for a few rides on the big kids slide because he wants to be a big kid so bad. We followed him around a bit and then suggested ice cream. Afterall, it is vacation.

He picked his flavor of cake batter, said “thank you,” waved bye to the gentleman who scooped it for him… and then saw the merry-go-round.

Grandma lit up and offered to take him so my husband found where to buy tickets for it. In that moment my son geeked out and decided he wanted the choo choo train ride instead.

There was no convincing him otherwise. 

We had to go buy additional tickets and then the train came in and he ran right to the engine, where he cannot ride, and when told no he flipped his lid. The guy running this stood still while my husband tried to wrangle him into the one to ride and my mom attempted to convince him to go in.

It was a total disaster.

My husband became irritated, my mom wasn’t sure what to do to help, my dad stepped back and I came to grab my son saying enough was enough because he didn’t need to ride it. The other kids had loaded and were ready to go.

We were those people with the tantrum driven toddler making a scene. Initiate instant sweat and the “WTF” mode. When I say “those people,” I’m referring to the ones you judged before you had kids and wondered why they would LET their kid act that way or be so ridiculous.

Let me be clear. My husband and I do not tolerate his crap, but realistically, he is two years old and emotions are hard as well as trying to get him to understand why he can or cannot do things. Another blog to come regarding this topic. 😊

My dad handed our tickets to another kid to ride something while we wrangled in the heathen, my sweet son everyone sees him as.

He was hitting my husband out of anger because again, emotions are hard for a 2 year old, while crying so I took him from my husband thinking I could calm him down, as we began the longest journey back to our car. A 5 minute walk… which I could not change his upset mind to calm down and I became the target of hitting and screaming.

I had to grab those tiny hands of his numerous times to stop him from hitting me while explaining since he didn’t listen it was time to go home.

Any parent knows where this lead to.

The surf board carry.

Absolutely embarrassed, we stuck to staying as calm as we could walking past so many people. You can feel either judgement or acceptance from the parents that get it from having to do the same walk before. I did see a few moms look at me with a smile of understanding seeing us go by. It gave me a very teeny tiny sense of relief knowing they were not going to call the cops thinking we were kidnapping him.

I eventually had to tag my husband in again to take him from me. But we made it to the car. Sweaty pits and all… on me, that is.

I was so pissed off at my son I had to ignore him for a moment to calm myself down so I didn’t snap because he doesn’t understand if I would. (I have in the past.) And both my parents are in the car with us reassuring my husband and I how he did so good all day up until that point and basically saying they get it and not to be embarassed.

When we got back to our hotel it was immediately bed time. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Thing was, he knew he messed up at this point because mama meant business and wasn’t giving in like usual.

He begged me to put him to bed.

I had to.

I needed to tell him why I was mad and why he cannot hit me or anyone. But more importantly I had to let him know I still love him even when he is angry.

We laid together for 20 minutes while he wound down. I got my good night kiss and squeezed him tight. He went to bed happy and the tears stopped. My heart hurt though because of the situation we had.

The real point is that two year olds are perfectly tough. We had the very best day with him. Then we didn’t.

I couldn’t finish the day allowing him or myself to be unhappy with one another. Sure, I am still upset it ended the way it did and even apologized to my parents for his behavior and having to leave but they get it.

Kids are learning life and we have to help the best we can, even if it is by doing the surf board carry past tons of people either judging us or accepting us knowing they did it before too.

I struggled, he struggled, but man, I love him and still know we had the best day.

If your kids have a major meltdown and you do the surfboard carry, welcome to parenting. You’re doing alright, I promise!

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Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy & Postpartum

I’m currently surrounded by what feels like a baby boom among my friends! There are many little ones on the way. It is a very exciting time for them and everyone has questions of how mom feels and if she can feel the baby move.

You can read and ask friends all you want about pregnancy when it is your first time, especially. You will be lucky to have some friends be brutally honest with you and others think you should find out on your own. Lucky for you, I am as honest as they come when it comes to things like this. I do not like to sugar coat things and can offend some at times, but you get what you see. Moreover, I had so many questions along the way during my pregnancy and went among my friends to answer some of the odd ones.

I kept a running list, of what I remembered to note, during my pregnancy to share and now seems like a good time to do so. Honestly, if you are offended or grossed out easily, tap out now. I am not trying to rub anyone wrong here but sometimes people like the sparkle and shine of an experience rather than honesty.

I do not intend to scare anyone away from pregnancy by any means with this post, but I believe the realities of it are something to know. I was fortunate to have a very healthy pregnancy and while it was a long labor and delivery, it was as good as it could have gone to bring our little man into this world. I believe being prepared is better than avoiding reality.

My list is a bit different than what your typical things to know about pregnancy from the medical books are. Mine are more along the lines of my real life experience and my way of how I viewed it. So please take with a grain of salt if your experience was different too. Us moms are all different walks of life with our lifestyles and body types so I realize a lot of this may or may not happen to others.

My pregnant self through the 41 weeks

You experience both good days and bad days.

There were days I felt like my baby bump was adorable and the best thing in the world. I could wear what I wanted and rock the bump with the “glow” everyone says you have. Then there were the days I felt like a whale that had beached itself for days in the hot sun and nothing I put on was remotely flattering. It comes with the territory of being pregnant. Your body is working to grow a human and it’s adapting along with hormones going up. Soak in the moments of the comfortable maternity clothing with the elastic waistbands even more on the bad days. This is normal.

Buying new bras and maternity bras, i.e. Grandma bras suck ass. No offense.

I almost had a breakdown in the dressing room when my boobs began to grow and I had to shop for new maternity bras and nursing bras. My husband was in another section of the store, thankfully, or he would have witnessed this ridiculous moment I spent in Kohl’s trying on numerous “Grandma bras.” Can someone please step up and help the prego market out?! We are on this worldly movement of feeling good in your own skin. Well, how about you make a bra that can keep these giant kahunas up and not sagging along with our ego while we have to wear these and remain uncomfortable for another 20+ weeks. Let me add too, the boob size does not dwindle back to “normal” after you are done breastfeeding. Stock up on the bra you like in the larger size. I am still rocking these babies and I am waiting for them, impatiently, to make their move back down!

Panty liners every day. No Joke.

So yes, you are growing a little human and your body is working to protect them and make all kinds of fluids for them to live in inside your body. Among that, the discharge is an ever-steady flow. Do yourself a favor and do not take this lightly. Buy yourself the largest pack of daily panty liners now. It keeps you comfortable daily and not wondering if your water broke. I told my good friend this and she came back to me a few months later laughing saying, “you weren’t kidding!” It is a topic they touch on in the books and various apps but they do not really let you know just how bad it is.

Farts are death. (If you do not fart around your other half, I apologize if I’m offending you.)

Laugh all you want. You will not be laughing when you let one out and see the cat fall over. I am not sure of the rhyme or reason on this one, but it is a very fair warning to you and those around you.

Contradition: They want you to workout but you should not be on your feet much.

I love working out. Yes, I have struggled to find that balance again now that my son is here, but even before him I tried hard to remain active and workout while pregnant. It was tough though. You are carrying around weight where you have never been challenged with balancing before. Any jumping or fast movements make you feel awkward. Then if you are like me, your body swells to all hell and are suggested to not be on your feet for long along with the back pain that ensued. It was a hard juggling act. I worked to do hip stretches daily to keep some movement in my days. I do believe that helped my recovery after delivery.

Bad days from out in left field (nowhere). Hormones suck. You just cry. You think about all the things. Good, bad, scary… just cry. Ugly cry. Your dog comforts you. Your husband does whatever he can but you need to cry. It is scary and you are human.

Hormones are crazy AF while you are pregnant.It blew me away how the bad days swooped in and the tears rolled. My husband just LOVED these days, not. I recall one night having him come into our bedroom when I went in bed before him and I was sobbing. He quickly asked what was wrong. I was crying because we had not told my parents we were expecting yet and I could not go snow skiing in Vail with them that year. Laugh it up. That was a mild day compared to others, but the mood swings come out of nowhere and it is all right, you are okay and you are as normal as the rest of the other expecting moms!

My back. Nothing helped me much.

Back to your body learning how to handle the extra weight you add to the front side. My back has always had a love-hate relationship with me, mostly hating me. I had remained active doing stretches as often as I could and even bought the pregnancy bellyband to help. That did work for a few weeks though I felt awkward wearing it under my clothes at work. When the pain got too bad, my friend who was pregnant before I was, let me borrow their STEM unit. This bad boy was a lifesaver! Certainly, ask your doctor about using one but it was what allowed me relief when I needed it most.

Swollen feet and hands. Avoid salt but chips tasted so good (they always have for me).

I have been prone to swollen feet and hands when flying over the years but man, I did not expect the amount of swelling I had while pregnant. I swear I had 10 pounds of water weight on me, at least, by the time I delivered. As hard as it became to put them on, I wore compression socks daily to help. They did help a lot too! I did not eat a very high sodium diet either for those maybe thinking that. My only crutch to the salt life was chips and still is but those are rare and more of a treat.

Heartburn in 3rd trimester, woof. Buy milk, TUMs, and honey.

Buy the TUMs. Your organs are reorganized and shifted to make room for that baby and there is nowhere for the acids to go. Bring on the heartburn. Believe it or not, I never had heartburn a single day before I was pregnant. I had to ask my dad what it felt like to determine that is what it was. It is awful and not enjoyable. You can defeat it by loading up on TUMs.

Comments you receive at the end all suck and hurt your feelings. “Wow, you look so pregnant.”

I believe people all mean well when they attempt to comment on your appearance while pregnant. However, best rule of thumb is to not say anything. Be polite and give up your seat to a pregnant woman without anything else being said aloud. I had several coworkers attempt a comment and they came out all wrong and I tried so hard to brush it off but they weighed on me. The comments are not always the best, even with good intentions, and adding in your crazy hormones, it is a bad equation.

The most important tip of all.
Your mental health is JUST AS important as the baby’s health.

Taking care of yourself and making sure that your support system has an eye on you in those first few months is REALLY important. Not only the first few weeks, I mean MONTHS. You may not want to admit that something is wrong but having a confidant and someone knowing you to say you may need help is something everyone needs.

I struggled with postpartum anxiety and still do.

This is me putting myself out there because the only people I have truly talked to about this is my husband, mother, and doctor. It is not easy to admit since I never wanted to feel like I was “broken.”

So if you are being judgmental right now, step away from my blog and go elsewhere. I believe I have great a grasp on it now at almost 8 months of my son’s life. It is managed and being handled so well now that I do believe I am in control of myself again. It did not settle in or was realized until he was about 5 months old when I recognized it was more than I could handle alone and something was not right.

The stigma of mental health has really made headway over the past years and I believe we are heading in the right direction now. Our generation of moms is really working hard to speak more to one another and making it less of a socially awkward topic among everyone.

I had reached out to a few of my mama friends for tips they would share to other moms that no one told them. Here are some wonderful tips from them:

  • “No one tells you really how little control you have over the entire process. You’re literally a vessel. You can eat all the veggies and drink all the water but at the end of the day, it’s all just nature taking its course. I like having control so this was hard for me. Also no one tells you that when it comes to the second pregnancy, you’ll forget how awful your symptoms were the first time around. I’m pretty certain I was this sick with my first, I just blocked it out.” – Bria C.

  • “I’d say the biggest one is about the baby blues, PPD, and what exactly that looks like. I know pregnancy and postpartum is so unique to every woman and every woman has a different experience, but man was it tough. I really struggled with my hormones afterwards for a good 4-5 weeks and often times I questioned whether or not I had PPD. Looking back, I didn’t. But that was such a hard time and I felt so unprepared for dealing with that as a first time mom.” – Lindsay C.

  • “Well, my experience was super different than most people but the two things would be to prepare for the unexpected and it’s never too early to have the nursery set up. And the second would be that your plans never go as expected. Sometimes not anywhere close to what you imagined having your first baby would be like. And that if it doesn’t go as planned, it is okay to feel like you were robbed of that experience. And that it might take some time to be ok with that. And I think the last thing that I just thought of too is that every experience is different and to try not to compare your experience to others.” – Stephanie D.

  • “Postpartum ones: Colace, take it when you come home from the hospital 2-3 times a day. I waited too long to make it a routine on the first one. Another one I wish I knew is that going to the pediatrician for weight check every couple days is way more common than it feels when they keep asking you to come back.” – Katie H.

  • “I didn’t know you could throw up that many times in an hour and still be alive. Even though that’s true maybe I should try to think of somthing a little more helpful…
    It took me a while to get the morning snack thing down. I’d have a higher protein snack near my bed and a shot glass of OJ to help my blood sugar in the morning. I wouldn’t even open my eyes before reaching over to eat before I’d start to sit up.

    I also wish I would have known that being pregnant would actually really empower me and the respect I had for my body. I was so afraid it would trigger body dysmorphic thoughts I struggled with my whole life but I really loved the physical changes and it healed the relationship with my body in a lot of ways.” – Kate M.

From the women’s statements above, you can see that just in those we are all SO very different. However, every person you meet has something to offer you with knowledge and experience. I hope mine and their statements can help even one mom with their journey through pregnancy and postpartum.

As I stated above, I really appreciate the way moms are now speaking about everything during and after pregnancy now among one another. If I did not have my mom, my mom friends, friends, and support from all who love me along this journey as a new mom, it would be MUCH different.

If you are a mom and need support or someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out to me. I do not know it all but I do have an ear to listen and just that can go a long way!

Some of the best support a girl could have
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Favorite Things – Postpartum Care Kit

One topic that I hear all the time from any expecting mother, whether you’re a first time mom or it’s your 2nd or 3rd or more, it’s always “what do I need when I get home from the hospital?” It’s something you kind of forget about while planning for the baby to arrive but definitely need to have when you get home because YOU are important too!

It’s also a fair question because those first few days are tough, not only physically, but mentally too. You have to wrap your head around having a new baby at home with you and also allow your body to heal. Insert quote about mom’s being rock stars here!

I took the idea of something my friend gifted me for my baby shower and I have geared it more towards those first few weeks at home for the healing mama. It’s the essentials.

A mom can’t care for others if she doesn’t take care of herself first.

This list is made from what I have created and put together for expecting mama friends as a gift to them. (Hint: if you’re looking for a gift idea for an expecting mother, this is something they WILL need and use!)

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Start this by grabbing yourself a cute bin or basket and stuff in the the items below to make a great Postpartum Care Kit! Add a personal note to it as well, explaining each of the items in the basket below.

1. Tissues – These are for the days you cry. You – will – cry. You may not know why or maybe you do, but know it’s okay and you need to let it out. Hormones… they’re all wacky. They will be for a while too.

2. Pads – Buy pads you like that are super absorbent. These are the ones I preferred and were my favorite. You can also do your who-ha a favor and make some of those homemade padsicles for the first few days! You can find how to make them on Pinterest.

3. Witch Hazel pads/wipes – They will provide some at the hospital but you’ll want more at home. These help your who-ha heal quicker, keeps the area extra clean, and soothe the lady parts! I was one of the lucky ones to get a little ole hemorrhoid during delivery. I wouldn’t have known unless my lovely husband didn’t announce it to the room. These helped heal that sucker right up!

4. Dermoblast – Do NOT buy menthol though. That would be horribly cruel. It soothes any burning or pain you may have, even if for a little bit. They give you some small cans from the hospital typically, but it never hurts to have extra. It can be used later on too for typical cuts and scrapes for the kiddos or yourself.

5. Aquaphor – No, you don’t get a chapped ass from delivering a baby. This is for your boobies if you’re nursing. Others like the lanolin, but I found this worked best when it was really painful for me. My pediatrician recommended it actually. Be sure to wipe it off a bit with a warm rag or baby wipe before baby nurses.

6. Colace or other stool softenerTrust me. My friend provided me with this tip before I delivered my son and I scratched my head wondering why. You will NOT want to add any additional pressure after delivery. Just take the stool softeners, you’ll be glad you did. Your nurses in the hospital should offer you some too, say YES!

7. Lansinoh Thera Pearl Packs – The same friend who tipped me off about the stool softeners bought me these. They are a little bit of heaven to your boobies when nursing. They can be frozen or heated and they give you that relief you may need. However, a warm rag does them good too! (cabbage leaves are just weird, for whoever came up with that tip)

8. TUMs – You can never have too many TUMs while pregnant. Well, maybe you can, but you feel like you can live off of them with the amount of heartburn that baby gives you. Since this gift will be given typically before baby comes, it will also be in the heat of the worst heartburn that mama has ever felt! Do yourself a favor and get it before it gets bad. Unlike me, my husband had to run out while I laid on the floor being dramatic.

9. Eye mask – This one is for when mom is supposed to close her eyes and “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Most of us know it’s nearly impossible to do that, but for the few times it will happen, these help! While you’re at it, download a free meditation app now to help when these moments arise so you can truly attempt to relax even if it is only 5 minutes.

10. Postpartum Grace Guide – Last, but absolutely not the least of the items to add to the kit, is my friend’s journal she wrote and created. I got it as I was going back to work and have enjoyed completing it! She took so much time and gave it so much love that it is exactly what a new mama could use when she first comes home, but it’s great for any time in the postpartum journey!

A few other items you could add

Face Masks – These are nice to give with the basket since typically, you’ll gift it before baby arrives. Mom can take a moment to enjoy to herself.

Bath Bomb – Same thing for one of these! Let mom get a moment to herself and relax.

#IMomSoHard – The book I added to my other Favorite Things list that is always a hit! I’ve shared mine with other moms and suggest it to everyone I know.

Gift cards – These could be for their favorite restaurant (that delivers), groceries or a grocery delivery service. No mom wants to be leaving the house right away, if they don’t have to.

A coupon with a promise – Promise to come help her. Come and support her in this new hard time as a new mama. Show up and hug her. Show up with her favorite meal or treat. Just show up. Company is great to have during this time.

Water bottle – In my gift, I got the biggest and nicest water bottle. This was useful in the hospital, at home nursing, and even now, I use it at work. Can’t go wrong with a cute water bottle to have at all times!

Slippers – Every woman deserves a nice pair of slippers to be comfortable in!

Robe for the hospital – I bought myself a light jersey material robe for the hospital. I loved it because it was cute, comfortable and minimal effort for me to cover if someone visited or when I was nursing my son.

Dry shampoo – While I haven’t caught on to this trend, mainly because I have thin hair and mostly have to wash it daily, I know a ton of others who swear by it!

What would you add to this care kit? I’m sure there are things that could make it even better for a mom-to-be that I haven’t thought of.

I hope this helps a mom-to-be or even someone looking to make a creative gift for that mom-to-be. If you can make the days at home just a touch easier, you’ll be happy about it.

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No Sick Days

There is an unspoken rule among moms.

We are not allowed to get sick.

If you did not know this, you may be a dad. Just saying.

I’m not trying to take a dig at my hubby here because I have a rock star husband and dad to our little boy. I could go on and on about all he does for us, but this is not a post for that right now. (love you, honey!)

For whatever the reason may be, men were designed to be the sickest of the sick when a common cold comes along. I’m not sure if their bodies weren’t equipped with the proper genes to fight off the germs or they just don’t like to wash their hands every time they use the bathroom. Actually, let’s not think about that last statement…

Either way, recently, our house was under attack from the common daycare snotty nose cold that made its way into my husband’s sinuses and mine. Our pediatrician warned us early of the many colds we will come across with our son in daycare.

A little boast about our daycare, we love our daycare because he has THE best teachers that I can’t brag about enough.
Don’t come at me about daycare vs. no daycare, please.

Somehow, while we were all sick, my son remained the happiest baby ever. I’m so thankful for that, snot running constantly and all. On the weekend though, we all had our ways of dealing with it. My hubby and son curled up on the couch with college football on and relaxed to fight it off. Me on the other hand, it was GO time!

Go time is that list you make in your head throughout the week of the 100 things you want to get done at home in a short amount of time and hope you remembered enough of them to put on the physical hand written list at home so you don’t forget to do them.

I recall my husband smiling at me and telling our son, “look at mom, we’re all sick but somehow she feels fine and here we are on the couch being bums.” It was a cute moment but that is reality. It’s not to brag but to state the reality we all face as moms.

If we don’t do it, it won’t get done. And to be honest, I feel better when I am up and moving while sick. The congestion doesn’t have time to set in, so I tell myself. Sure I load up on the standard over the counter drugs to keep the cold at bay and drink lots of water, when I remember.

As moms, let’s add this to our list of super powers we have that we didn’t know about until we became moms. *high five to all you moms who have been sick and will get sick this winter but power through because well, you’re a kick ass mom!*