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Introducing our Team Roster

Hi there! I would like to introduce you to my team before we get things started.

We are the Caracciolo’s. Our team is small but we are growing and we’re loving the team we’re building. It is the strongest, most dependable team I know. We certainly do not have a perfect life or have it even close to having it together, trust me! It can be chaos some days but that’s what makes some of them fun and others straight up exhausting. These pictures just make us look good and put together, thanks Monica!! 😉 We’re winging it just like everyone else is and figuring it all out as we go. (If you think someone truly has it together, you’re fooling yourself!)

Leading this team is the fearless daddy or as I like to call him, my husband, Blake! He is a strong, hard working man and an extremely loving husband and father. He may not understand why I do things the way I do them at times, but he goes with the flow if it makes me happy, has no problem jumping in when I need him most or changing the poopiest of diapers. We wouldn’t have such a great team without his love and support. He also is great at keeping me and Dominick laughing at all times to ensure we have smiles on our faces on those tough days.

Charging the days with a headstrong attitude, sleepy eyes, and a wonder of how she’s going to get everything done is me, I’m the mom & captain of the team, Carly. I get up every day wondering what the day will bring with our little guy and what kind of things he will teach us. I have a list created for everything maybe even two for the same topic because I misplaced the first one but I wouldn’t survive without them. Call me crazy, but mom brain is a real thing!

Two of our varsity players that have been on the team for a while now, one for 7 years and the other for 4 years, the fur siblings! We have Roxie, the big sis leading the pack of siblings with her cold nose and strong cuddles always having to kiss her baby every morning. We also have Blitz, our cat, wanna-be a dog, and doesn’t care that there is a new baby in our house kind of big brother. These two add so much fun to our lives constantly having us do what they want on their calls. They both are wonderful with our son & we are so lucky to have the amazing two fur babies that we do!

And last but certainly not least by any means is our newest team member and tiniest of all, Dominick! He is our sweet son who we welcomed May 28th after a long labor and delivery. He has begun to teach us so much as parents and brings so much joy to our days with his huge grin and amazing giggles! He is a huge flirt giving everyone a smile who talks to him and he has us wrapped around his fingers getting whatever he wants, but how could you deny that nugget’s smile?!

Together we are the team that will bring you the blogs, stories, and lists of items we have grown to love because we use them daily with our little man. I wanted to bring you some real life stories, suggestions, and tell you about the stuff families really use and real life things I’ve dealt with as a new mom! Welcome to our team!


I'm a new mama to a beautiful baby boy and am married to my wonderful husband. We're on this crazy journey together and learning how much our little man can teach us along the way.

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