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The Dirty Duties

A topic every parent can relate to…

Diaper changes

Things seem more “normal” when we can relate to one another or when we can say, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

I want to share a few of our adventures in these past 6 months of our diaper duty stories and woes. Feel free to share yours in the comments of a horror story or a humorous one that we can all know we relate to in some way or another.

The Pooping Hiatus

When we were first home with our son, he had a pooping hiatus. His tiny little body decided he wasn’t going to go for a few days. Ensue mama worrying x1000!

I had called the nurses that weekend who told me, go ahead and supplement formula for extra fluids and use the rectal thermometer to assist. If you read my posts, you’ll know how that thermometer experience went with my hubby. After a few extra visits to the pediatrician’s office and them telling us the SAME thing each time *eye roll*, that his bowels were moving since he was passing gas and to keep up the fluids, we kept crossing our fingers each day.

On day 5, the explosion happened! I was never so excited for a blow out diaper. He was only a week old and while chatting at the dinner table with my parents, he pooped out of his diaper. My mom and I jumped up in excitement, I took a picture to send to my husband who was working, and we sighed a breath of relief that the little man finally pooped again!

Breakfast Balance Change

We went to breakfast with friends of ours a couple of months back. We chose the small town, itty-bitty diner with great food… but they only have two single bathrooms. One for ladies and one for men with a single toilet and a sink. These tiny bathrooms do not have a changing table though. What do you do when your child’s diaper is about to explode?

I sat down on the toilet, yes, my pants were still on, with no seat cover either. Why would there be? Ugh. He and I do our best balancing act and change him on my lap. Totally awkward and not easy but we did it. I know I’m not the only one in this situation for sure! Some dads can probably relate to this one, right?

Pap called it

We were visiting my in-laws and hanging out Sunday morning with everyone. Our son was hanging out in his rocker by his Pap. His Pap isn’t one to pick him up, but will chat with him lots. I’m going around the house cleaning up our stuff to pack to get ready to leave soon and I hear my FIL say, “oh, that looks like a poop face!” I replied, “yeah, he does that a lot. Don’t worry, he’s good.”

Pshhh, I was wrong. My husband had gone to grab our son to pick him up a little later and I hear the reaction. “Ohhhhh noooooo!” It was a massive explosion. One that you don’t want to even transfer the child elsewhere because it was up his back and out the leg. My FIL was there snickering, “I told you!”

I grabbed the wipes and it took the two of us to undress him the best we could without additional smearing and then do a quick baby wipe bath. You’ve all been there, don’t lie! If you haven’t, just wait for it. He got a sink bath quickly after that since we were leaving soon, but man oh man was that a doozy!

Table Decor Change

We went on a family vacation and had gone to a local brewery by our lake house. It was a normal sized bathroom but another mom was using the stall with the changing table and had a toddler with her. I could hear she clearly had her hands full and as a fellow mom I’m not about to rush her but I’m also not about to walk out because I had to change him.

No one else was waiting and I made a quick judgement call. There was a decorative table there by the sinks with plenty of space for my son’s little booty and only a small vase of fake flowers on it. So, here we go, quick change! It was only a wet diaper anyways, what’s the harm? As I was putting his pants back on, the other mom came out and giggled a bit but said the big stall was all mine to use now. I had been done and we kind of smiled as a mental high five was shared because we both had challenges they were just a bit different. #momlife

Pee on Grandma

An evening when my mom was over, he had just got a bath. As I laid him on his changing pad, we were making him laugh and giggle while he was naked and drying. I always hate to throw a diaper on immediately after a bath so it doesn’t trap any moisture between those chunky thighs to cause a rash or chaffing. We have not had many open peeing situations occur… you see where this is going, right?

Well, in the midst of chatting and making him giggle. He wasn’t waiting for mom to put that diaper on any longer and a rainbow high stream shot through the air towards my mom. As quick as I saw it go up was as quick as I covered his wiener with my hand and I think I scared him because he quit immediately. It was all in slow motion to me as it happened too.

Laughing, I said to my mom that I thought it landed on her since I saw none on the floor. “No, I don’t feel anything” she says. It took a few minutes until she touched her shirt in the right spot to find that wet spot he nailed her with. So much for that extra drying time!

Public Bathrooms Rant

  1. Someone explain to me how we are to wash our hands effectively while holding an infant without a stroller or car seat with you? I’ve walked out, handed him to my husband to turn right back around and go wash my hands. Put a sink in the bathroom with the changing table or at least some hand sanitizer I can pump with one hand.

  2. Also, why are there not always trash cans near the changing table? We have to pack up the child, the table, and carry out the dirty diaper and whatever else we have along with us. Then maybe wash our hands if we can juggle it or do what I mentioned above.

  3. Men’s bathrooms with changing tables. We are finding that more have them than they used to. However, they all should have them. Obviously, not something we thought about before having our son, but they’re extremely useful when my husband takes him anywhere alone and has to change him or even when he’s trying to help me out.

  4. A bar we went to recently didn’t have a changing table in the women’s room and I believe it’s due to where it’s located in our city since it’s geared more towards the night life and younger scene. Whatever their decision not to have one, add it, dammit. We went for a college football game during the day and you get more than just the young ones coming out to drink on the weekends. Needless to say he was changed in his stroller in the restaurant. Not sorry.

If the stories above reminded you of any memorable diaper experiences worth sharing, please do so below! It’s fun to share the stuff we go through as parents because it’s always good to know we go through similar situations and are not alone in any of this!

With all of those above stories, do you know what you do when you’re a parent? You adapt. Every situation challenges you to learn new things and adapt quickly. If my son has taught us anything over these last 6 months of his life, we have learned to adapt and quickly find the best way to handle a situation no matter what it may be.

It’s amazing how they teach us so much isn’t it?


I'm a new mama to a beautiful baby boy and am married to my wonderful husband. We're on this crazy journey together and learning how much our little man can teach us along the way.

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